ZeroEmission is our sustainability program to reduce emissions in Water and Petrochemicals to zero by 2050.

Petrochemical and oil and gas operations have a significant impact on the environment. Together we can change it. With ZeroEmission, we are taking the lead in bringing these industries to a sustainable future.

Towards ZeroEmissions



Reduce carbon emissions from fuel burning and fuel storaging.



Maximizes the use of stored product


Fuel subtitution

Eliminate the need for fossil fuels and deliver solutions for 100% alternative fuel.

Together, the production and storage of oil accounts for approximately 60% of all CO2 emissions. With population growth, the rise of the middle class and the transition to greener energy, the demand for petrochemicals – and therefore the environmental impact – will only increase in the next decade.

A more sustainable future requires action from industries. We will lead this action towards zero emissions in mining and cement, without compromising the quality or commercial competitiveness of our clients.

Leading the transition to net ZeroCarbon

As a leading supplier to the Oil & Gas and water sectors, we are in a position to contribute significantly to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by providing sustainability solutions in two highly environmentally intensive sectors.

We have built our MissionZero program around the SDGs and SDG targets where we can play an important role as facilitators, and where we have our main impacts on the value chain. These SDGs are:

SDG 6: drinking water and sanitation
SDG 7: affordable and clean energy
SDG 12: responsible consumption and production
SDG 13: climate action