The Tubeseal, is a liquid filled product, normally water, kerosene or other. The seal design has been used on tanks with different diameters, containing the full range of Crude and Refined products.


  • In – service installation
  • Complying with EPA Requirements
  • Used in external roofs in compliance with API 650
  • Unique design proved by extensive mechanical testing (e.g. evenly distributed pressure)
  • Suitable for welded and riveted tank shells.
  • Compatible with stored products
  • Maximising usable tank capacity
  • Primary fabric seal (selected for mechanical durability and chemical stability with the product)
  • Easy to install, repair, inspect (all components are accessible from above)
TAC Primary Tubeseal Seal


The Tube Seal design has a separate Scuffband and Tube. The Scuffband is designed with a ribbed surface and is produced in nylon fabric coated with a hardwearing elastomeric material to withstand contact with the roughest tank shell. The seal Tube can be varied in sizes from 250 mm. to 350 mm. depending of the tank size and nominal rim space.

The Tubeseal is normally manufactured in one continuous length but can be supplied in separate sections. 

The seal Tube is held between the Scuffband and the roof rim is filled with liquid, normally kerosene or gas oil. The liquid filled Tube forces the Scuffband against the tank shell, maintaining a firm contact approximately 200 mm. deep when the tank is in service.

As the Tubeseal is product mounted – i.e. installed in contact with the stored liquid, the sealing efficiency is very high.


API-650 Ap. G

NFPA “National Fire Protection Agency”.

AISI Stainless Steel Cold Formed Structural Design Manual.

AWWA D-100.



  • Rim Spaces: Normally 200 mm. ± 100 mm. is the standard but the seal design can be modified to suit larger nominal rim space.
  • Aromatic Service : 75% (with special materials available to give service in 100% products).
  • Service life: 8 – 20 years.

  • Typical weight of complete seal: 20 kg per linear meter.


Fabric reference: Nylon fabric covered with a nitrile-PVC elastomer.

Scuffband: 4,5 mm minimum

Tube: 1,5 mm minimum