Designing a better future for our planet

As the world’s population is growing and urban populations are increasing, new solutions for energy storage and the development of solutions to reduce pollutants are urgently needed.






TON emmisions saving



Our innovations

With the billions of tons more of petroleum products to be stored and the one billion more people to come in 2030, the cost of fuel and environmental regulations are major challenges we face. Our desire for innovation and engineering is how we intend to exceed them.

Our pathway to Zero Emision

Spearheading the transition to net zero carbon

At TAC SHANGHAI PETROCHEMICAL EQUIPMENT we believe in the positive and transformative potential of technology. That’s why we place the zero net transition at the center of everything we do.

Solutions for every problem

Both global and customized solutions for each case

We are continuously adapting our solutions according to market needs. We offer both industry standard solutions as well as customizable solutions for each customer’s needs.